Portrait Series with Jen [Part 1]

Portrait Series with Jen [Part 1]


Date: 21st September 2019
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Location: Royal Botanical Garden
Meeting Point: Opera House - Steps

Come along on the journey of tackling the art of photographing the most diverse subjects you'll ever meet: People

In order to master the art of capturing honest, unique and authentic portraits, you'll need the trust of your clients. In this session, we will cover basic settings for portrait photography, as well as how to make subjects feel at home behind the lens. We are going to work with real models to hone your skills in working quickly and confidently to create images that reflect with honesty the people you are capturing. In addition, gain tips and tricks for how to make your portraits stand out from the rest.

Jen Newman is a professional wedding and portraits photographer born in Canada and currently living in Sydney, Australia. Her love has always been for people, hence her passion for portrait, family and wedding photography! She thrives on capturing the real and honest "in between" moments, and sees it a true privilege to be trusted by her subjects.

* We will have models in this session

What to bring:

  • Camera with manual function

  • Any lens, but preferably a prime lens with focal length between the range of 35mm and 85mm

  • Formatted memory cards

  • Fully charged and extra batteries

  • Comfy clothes and shoes

  • A readiness to work with and meet people

* Limited to 20 People Only

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